Empire of Tian
Tiānguó Dìguó

Flag of the Empire of Tian.png Emblem of the Empire of Tian.png
Flag Imperial Emblem
Motto: 中國雄立宇宙間
"Tian heroically stands in the universe!"
Anthem: 卿雲歌
"Song to the Auspicious Cloud"
Royal anthem鞏金甌
"Cup of Solid Gold"
Official languages Standard Mandarin
Organizational structure Constitutional monarchy
 -  Emperor Hongde Emperor
 -  Prime Minister Prince Du Ku
Legislature Taizhenguan (太政官)
 -  Declared 12 February 2015 
Area claimed
 -  Total 7 km2
3 sq mi
Membership 59
Purported currency Tianese yuan
Time zone (UTC+8)
Calling code +886
The Empire of Tian (Chinese: 天堂帝國; pinyin: Tiānguó Dìguó), is a micronation and self-declared sovereign state based in Taiwan. It operates under constitutional monarchy and comprises the Senkaku Islands and Xiao Lanyu Island that have declared themselves independent under the leadership of the Qing family.

Tian claims land currently under the jurisdiction of Japan and the Republic of China, the Senkaku Islands and Xiao Lanyu Island.


Around January 2015, the royal House of Qing planned to separate the Diaoyutai Islands (also known as Senkaku) from Japanese control in order to establish the Empire of Tian and use the islands as a base.

Tian was declared on 12 February 2015. Two subsequent declarations of independence was sent to the Governments of Japan and the Republic of China, as no reply had been received from any of the previous declarations, on 14 March and 11 May 2015 respectively.

On 14 September 2015, Xiao Lanyu Island became part to the Empire of Tian. However, the Republic of China continued to claim Xiao Lanyu as part of their territory.


The Empire of Tian is a constitutional monarchy in which the emperor holds limited power.