Sealand fortress

The Principality of Sealand, a micronation.

Micronations are countries started by one or a group of people which is not noticed by the United Nations. These countries are mostly used in people's heads, or on the internet.

People make micronations for lots of reasons. Some are to show they do not like their main country (for example the UK), or if they want to make money, or to use it as a place for themselves.


Here is a list of some Micronations;

Name Made on A bit about it Website
Flag of the Aerican Empire Aerican Empire 8 May 1987 Made by Eric Lis as a boy for a bit of fun. A lot of it is in Canada. Website
Flag of the Empire of Atlantium Empire of Atlantium 27 November 1981 Was made by three Sydney teenagers – George Francis Cruickshank, Geoffrey John Duggan and Claire Marie Coulter (née Duggan). The three claimed a 10 square metres (110 sq ft) Provisional Territory in the southern suburb of Narwee as Atlantium's first capital, and declared Cruickshank to be Sovereign Head of State, with the title "Emperor George II". Website
Flag of the Empire of Austenasia Empire of Austenasia 20 September 2008 Was founded on 20 September 2008 by Jonathan Austen (born 1994), a student, and his father Terry Austen (born 1961), a security guard turned gardener. After sending a declaration of independence for their house in Carshalton to their local Member of Parliament, Tom Brake, Terry was named Emperor and Jonathan was named Prime Minister. Two subsequent declarations of independence were sent to Gordon Brown and the British Home Office, as no reply had been received from any of the previous declarations, on 13 October and 31 December 2008 respectively. Website
Flag of Freetown Christiania Freetown Christiania 1971 Is a anarchist micronation, founded in 1971. Website
Flag of the Communist Republic of Dallingrad Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad 27 March 2010 Made by Ewan Whitmore because he liked the Soviet Union. Does not have one
Flag of the Kingdom of Dranoria Kingdom of Dranoria 11 February 2011 Made my Edward Lance because of the flaws of normal society, from the individual strengths of ancient society No website
Flag of the Conch Republic Conch Republic 23 April 1982 Made by people from the city of Key West because they did not like the USA stopping them from getting stuff from other places. Website
Flag of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya Democratic Environmental Society of Senya 27 March 2010 Made by Barnaby Hands because he did not like the UK. Website
Flag of the Kingdom of Lovely Kingdom of Lovely 1 January 2005 Made for a TV special by Danny Wallace. Website
Flag of the Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad 15 January 2010 Was made to show people that you can start great things on your own. Website
Flag of the Imperial State of Formosa Imperial State of Formosa 12 February 2015 Was made to reinstate monarchy in Taiwan. It started off as the Reformed Kingdom of Tungning, on 2 September 2015 it became the Imperial State of Formosa and King Tai became Emperor. N/A
Flag of the Principality of Hutt River Principality of Hutt River 21 April 1970 Was made by Leonard Casley, in response to a dispute with the government of Western Australia over what the Casley family considered draconian wheat production quotas. Website
Flag of the Republic of Keig Republic of Keig November 2013 Was founded under the name of the Austrar Islands by Ben Gilmore.N/A
Flag of the Principality of Sealand Principality of Sealand 2 September 1967 Made by Paddy Roy Bates on an old RAF fort named Roughs Tower. Website
Flag of the Republic of Molossia Republic of Molossia 3 September 1999 An old nation run by Kevin Baugh. It was made in 1977. Website
Flag of the Kingdom of Talossa Kingdom of Talossa December 26 1979 One of oldest still existing micro nations. [1]
Flag of the Kingdom of Vikesland Kingdom of Vikesland 2005 It was founded in 2005 by Christopher Barry Joseph. The official website of Vikesland states that the micronation is "not secessionist" and has no intention of claiming the territory of Canada or any other sovereign state. Website